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Ohio's North Coast
Light Houses

Long before we had GPS navigation aides, we had lighthouses. Like any major body of water, Ohio's lighthouses helped ships identify their location in relation to the shoreline.

Lighthouses stand as beacons of safety and security and perhaps this is why they appeal to so many people, even land-hugging folks. Not only are lighthouses nostalgic, but they are also artistic expressions, each unique for its architectural style, but also for its surrounding environment.

Lighthouses are painted different colors and designs to make them daymarks. This was important so sailors could recognize a particular lighthouse during the day.

Lake Erie has over 30 lighthouses along the US side of Lake Erie with 18 of those structures on Ohio's shoreline. Some are located on the mainland and others on small dots of land accessible only by boat. Many of the older lighthouses are no longer part of the US Coast Guard's responsibility.

Many of the lighthouses have been restored to their former glory through the efforts of private citizens. Others have been taken over by the state and operated as museums. Some have been destroyed by the elements or extremely vandalized. All of them have stories from the past.

Toledo Harbor Lighthouse

Turtle Island Lighthouse

West Sister Island Lighthouse

Old Port Clinton Lighthouse

Green Island Lighthouse

South Bass Island Lighthouse

Perry Memorial Lighthouse

Marblehead Lighthouse

Cedar Point Lighthouse

Huron Harbor Pierhead Lighthouse

Vermilion Lighthouse

Lorain Breakwater Lighthouse

Cleveland West Pierhead Lighthouse

Cleveland East Pierhead Lighthouse

Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Lighthouse

Old Fairport Harbor Main Lighthouse

Ashtabula Lighthouse

Conneaut West Breakwater Lighthouse

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