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Bicycling in Ohio

Thanks to the variety of terrains found in Ohio, there are locations to ride anywhere in the state, and for those looking for real challenges, don't forget the Hocking Hills.

Historically, Ohio was home to a pair of really famous bicycle builders back in the early days of the sport. After building one of the top touring bicycles of the day, they changed their focus from two wheeled travel to two-winged travel.


Ohio was also home to the Huffy Bicycle, first created by George P. Huffman in Dayton, Ohio. Today, an hour's drive north in the small town of New Bremen, is the Bicycle Museum of America, a great collection of past and present 2-wheeling contraptions. For any bicycling fan, it is well worth the effort to visit.

Moving Beyond the Automobile: Biking from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Ohio Bicycling Advocacy Organizations

Consider Biking / Columbus

Their mission: get more people bicycling in Central Ohio. In late 1990 a group of Central Ohio bicyclists formed the Central Ohio Bicycle Advocacy Coalition (COBAC). The purpose of forming a bicycle advocacy organization was stated in the meeting announcement: "to advocate, develop, foster, and facilitate bicycling in Central Ohio as a viable, valuable, and environmentally sound transportation alternative; for recreation, sport and good health; and as a means to enhance the quality of life in Central Ohio." COBAC was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation shortly thereafter. Fast forward to 2008. The organization changed its name to "Consider Biking" in 2008. The organization is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation.

Great Ohio Bike Adventure / Ohio

OBA's mission is to organize an annual one-week bicycle vacation through some of Ohio's most scenic countryside to learn about Ohio, it's people, geography, and history; to provide inter-generational recreation and to enhance the image of bicycling in Ohio. The group also raises funds for bicycle-related projects in Ohio.

Ohio Bicycle Federation / Ohio

Ohio Bicycle Federation represents bicyclists at the state level in Ohio. Their goal: improving Ohio bicycling through legislation, education, and sharing ideas.

Third Hand Bicycle Co-Op / Columbus

The Third Hand Bicycle Co-op promotes safe cycling as an environmentally responsible transportation mode. To that end the non-profit organization provides community members with a place, tools and skills to make cycling an essential part of everyday life. Their workshop is located at 174 East Fifth Ave, Columbus, OH 43201.


Tour of the Scioto River Valley is one the great bicycle tours not only in Ohio, but the entire country. The 2 events offer up to 3000 bicyclists to see first hand 100+ miles of some of the prettiest country in the world along the Scioto River as it snakes south from Columbus to Portsmouth.


The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure is a newer annual event held in June. Each year a different part of Ohio is featured for the week-long bicycle ride that usually includes around 3,000 riders of all ages. Each day they typically ride a 50-mile leg of the tour. This event is basically an overnight tent-camping tour that provides baggage hauling from one location to the next. It is a tour and not a race.

The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

Bicycling in Ohio

Rails to Trails

Rails to trails is a nationwide effort to convert former railroad right-of-ways into paved bike trails. A number of groups have laid claim to various areas around the state and taken on individual projects of creating new bicycle trails and footpaths. Often these groups are comprised of highly motivated individuals who want to make a difference in their neighborhood.

Miami Valley Rail Tails

Northwestern Ohio Rails-to-Trails Association

Additional Biking Info from the Ohio Department of Transportation

Download the ODOT Bicycle Trail PDF Map for Ohio

Tour de Grandview

Tour de Grandview

Tour de Grandview was at one time the race, but the economic downturn cost the race sponsors in 2009. It is not certain at this time whether the race will be back.