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What better way to enjoy bicycling in Ohio than with fellow road warriors of like mind? A number of clubs have been formed to provide organizational support as well as sponsor rides throughout the warmeer months. Contact one of the clubs listed below to find out more about what they do and if their programs fits what you're seeking.







Bicycle PlatesOhio Bike Plates

The Ohio Bicycle Federation is sponsoring a special Ohio Bicycle License Plate program called "Share the Road." Proceeds generated from the sale of these vanity plates are used for publication of the bicycling safety pamphlet, Ohio Bicycling Street Smarts.

How to obtain your license plates

You may obtain your plates in one of three ways:

  1. Visit you local Deputy Registrar office.

  2. Dial 1-800-589-8247

  3. Go to the BMV Web site at oplates.com If you choose this option, follow these steps:

    • Select "SPECIAL PLATES" in the left column

    • Select vehicle type

    • Highlight "SHARE THE ROAD" under "SPECIALTY PLATES"

    • Click on "VIEW THIS PLATE"

    • Select whether you want to specify the letters and numbers on the plate or whether you want a stock plate.

Contact Ohio Bicycle Federation if your local Deputy Registrar is not aware of our new Share the Road license plate, or if you run into any problems which Bureau of Motor Vehicle officials are unable to help you with.