Hocking Hills tourism
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Conkle's Hollow

Located on SR 374 on Big Pine Road, Conkle's Hollow is not part of the Hocking Hills State Park. It is the Conkles Hollow State Nature Preserve and has different rules compared to the other Hocking Hills parks. Dedicated in 1977, the 87 acre state nature preserve is blessed with a rich variety of natural features.

Conkle's Hollow

There are 3 basic areas to the hollow. The first is a paved walkway leading into the hollow that goes about 2/3 of the way back where it abruptly ends. This part is completely handicapped accessible. Where the walkway ends, it becomes an up and down winding trail that continues on back through the gorge and ends at the falls.

The other part of the park is the 2 plus mile hike around the rim of the gorge. This offers some extremely steep climbs out of the canyon, but offers some breath-taking views.

Conkle Hollow Ferns

Conkle's Hollow is a rugged, rocky gorge and is considered one of the deepest in Ohio. The valley floor is a veritable wilderness covered by a profusion of ferns and wildflowers while hemlock, birch and other hardwood tower overhead. The growth is so thick in places that little or no sunlight reaches the deep valley floor. Pets are not permitted in Conkle's Hollow.

Conkle's Hollow RocksConkle's Hollow Paved Walkway

A good portion of the the trail is a paved walkway, however, it does not go all the way back to the falls at the extreme end of the lower canyon.