Hocking Hills tourism
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Rock House

Exterior view of one of the entrances to Rock House

360° View
Rock House Panorama

The 360° view was creating using a high resolution camera, mounted on a tripod inside the cave. It is made up of 16 images recorded using only the natural light found in the cave. The exposure was about 30 seconds for each image. That is why some of the people visible in the cave may appear semi-transparent, because they moved during the exposure.

If you'd like to see a larger image, click on the icon in the upper right corner for a full screen image. The image will automatically begin to slowly rotate as the images continue to download. It may take several moments for the download to finish. Once the image is completely downloaded you can zoom in and out using your mouse. You can also move the image in any direction with your mouse.

Rock House Ceiling

The ceiling is still dark in this panorama, so I decided to create a special ceiling photograph that gives everyone a better view of what it actually looks like.

360 Degree View of Rock House, Hocking Hills
Click on the icon in the upper right corner for full screen view. If you mouse has a center wheel, use it to zoom in and out.