Tourism and Ohio Festivals
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Ohio Balloon Festivals

Hot Air
Balloon Events

Ohio is blessed with an almost ideal geographic and atmospheric conditions for hot air balloon flights. In fact, Ohio has the third largest concentrations of balloon pilots in the country. The mix of numerous urban areas next to farm fields and the gentle topography throughout most of the state make for spectacular views and gentle landing spots.

Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Currently there are 9 specific hot air balloon events. Here is a list:

Coshocton Balloon Festival(June)
Coshocton County Fairgrounds, Coshocton

LaRosa's Balloon Glow (July)
Coney Island, Cincinnati

Ashland Balloonfest (July)
Freer Field, Ashland

MidFirst Ohio Challenge (July)
Smith Park, Middletown

Balloons Off Broadway (August)
Beulah Park, Grove City

All Ohio Balloon Festival (August)
Union County Airport, Marysville

Flag City Balloonfest (August)
Emory Adams Park, Findlay

Wellington Balloonfest (August)
Clare-Mar Lakes Campgrounds, Wellington

Ravenna Balloon A-Fair (September)
Sunbeau Valley Farm, Ravenna

Van Wert Hot Air Festival (September)
Van Wert County Fairgrounds, Van Wert

Balluminaria (November)
Eden Park, Cincinnati

Hot Air Ballooning in Ohio