Tourism and Ohio Festivals
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Think film festivals and you immediately think California, New York, Cannes, Sundance... well, Ohio has some pretty interesting film festivals as well. One of the most frequently overlooked elements for first-time film festival attendees coming in from out of town, is forgetting to reserve hotel rooms and airline tickets in advance. One thing to remember is that there are a limited number of hotels in many of the areas, so if you plan to stay in town, book early!

Cleveland International Film Festival

Held in mid March, the Cleveland International Film Festival is held by the Cleveland Film Society whose goal is to promote artistically and culturally significant film arts through education and exhibition to enrich the life of the community. The Cleveland International Film Festival started in 1977 and is Ohio's premier film event.

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Ohio Independent Film Festival

Ohio Independent Film Festival is put on by Independent Pictures (IP) who is among the leading film training and exhibition organizations in Ohio. Founded and run by working filmmakers, IP encourages the craft by producing and presenting the work of a diverse community of artists. IP was established in 1993 and located in Cleveland. Their festival is held in May.

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Columbus International Film+Video Festival

The Columbus International Film Festival was founded in 1952, by the late Dr. Edgar Dale, Professor Emeritus of The Ohio State University and other professionals interested in promoting the use of 16mm motion pictures. Since its inception, the object of the Film Festival has been to encourage and promote the use of media in all forms of education and communication, not only in the local community but throughout the world. During these many years of continuous operation, the Festival has honored thousands of film and video producers. The Festival has grown in scope, becoming international in 1972, in the late 80's adding video, and in 1997 adding the CD ROM format. In 2004 the Festival added DVDs to its list of accepted formats.

The Chris Awards, which the Film Festival bestows upon outstanding entries, are recognized world wide as an indication of excellence and are highly sought after by producers and directors.

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Standing Rock International short Film Festival

Held in Kent Ohio, the International Short Film Festival is open to the world of filmmakers that can keep it under 15 minutes. Held annually in January at the Kent Stage in downtown Kent.

Athens International Film+Video Festival

Founded in 1974, the Athens International Film+Video Festival presents independent films from around the world. The Festival is sponsored by the Athens Center for Film and Video, a project of the College of Fine Arts at Ohio University and is held in late April.

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Oxford International Film Festival

The Oxford International Film Festival was created by independent film and event Director/Producer JC SCHRODER in the spring of 2006. Realizing that there was no major outlet for filmmakers or audiences in the region, and no major film festival to speak of -- Schroder began building support for what would become the first, largest and only major film festival in the region. The festival is held in late July at the Savannah Center in West Chester, Ohio.

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