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Mount Auburn

Mount Auburn was platted as a town in 1837. By 1842, it extended from Liberty Street to McMillan Street (note that the historic district only goes as far south as Ringold street, the rest of the Mount Auburn neighborhood to the south is the Prospect Hill Historic District). "Key’s Hill" was the original name for Mount Auburn. It is one of Cincinnati's Seven Hills.

Mount Auburn is located immediately north of downtown Cincinnati. Although Mount Auburn has seen better times, it is now become a popular locale for rehabbers. The area is slowly regaining some of its original charm.

Mount Auburn was also home to President William Howard Taft and his boyhood home is now a National Historic Site.

With spectacular views of downtown Cincinnati, originally Mount Auburn was a hilltop retreat for Cincinnati's well-to-do families. Many of the homes in Mount Auburn were built between 1884 to 1891.

Located not far from the University of Cincinnati, today there are over 7,500 residents in the almost 1 square mile area. Many of the homes are victorian brick houses, and frame homes.

Liberty Street

Liberty Street got its name because city laws of Cincinnati were not being enforced north of the road. The area became known as "northern liberties" which included gambling, drinking and prostitution and hence the name for the road became Liberty Street.