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Logan Ohio


One of Ohio's early statesman was Thomas Worthington. Worthington was also a land developer and it was through his efforts as Governor that the village of Logan was laid out in 1816. For a long time Logan remained stagnant until the construction of the Ohio & Erie Canal and the construction of the connecting Hocking Canal that Logan began to show development.

Today Logan is the gateway to the Hocking Hills.

LoganChief Logan

The village of Logan was named for a Cayuga Indian who was named for Scoltttish statesman and scholar who lived in Eastern Pennsylvania during the early 18th Century. Logan lived with a Mingo family for a number of years in eastern Ohio. He eventually married a Shawnee woman. Although Logan urged peace between his family and the increasing number of white settlers, that view changed drastically in 1774 when a group of Virginia settlers assumed the Mingos they came upon were hostile, and killed them all. Logan was not among them. Logan forcefully insisted that all Mingos and their allies, the Shawnee, avenge the senseless attacks.




Logan Washboard Music Festival

Every year, on Father’s Day weekend, the downtown streets of Logan come alive with the celebration of the washboard, as a musical instrument. Logan is the home of the Columbus Washboard Company the only remaining washboard manufacturing company in the United States.

Imagine, in some parts of the world, the Columbus Washboard is actually used to wash clothes... but not in Logan and much of rural Ohio. Jug bands and Dixieland groups throughout the country have been using the washboard as a means of expressing their musical talents on a budget.