Southwest Ohio Tourism
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Probably best known as being the resort capital of southwest Ohio. Here you'll find one of the largest Midwest amusement parks that entertains has been entertaining families since 1972 when Cincinnati's Taft Broadcasting Company wanted to expand their amusement park holdings. Since they had recently purchased the famed cartoon production company, Hanna-Barbera, it seemed like a perfect fit to create the new playground around the Hanna-Barbera characters. Over the years, Kings Island has changed ownership hands, but the strong drive to produce the better entertainment package possible has never waiver. New rides, new venues are testament to their desire to remain on the top of the entertainment world.

Kings Island is a big draw, and numerous other entertainment enterprises to Mason so that it has become a playground for kids of all ages. Mason has come a long way from when it first became a reality in 1803, the same year that Ohio became a state. The new village was named for the man who purchased the land here, William Mason, a veteran of the Revolutionary War.