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Motts Military Museum


Putting military history into its proper perspective through a collection and preservation of personal stories and memorabilia from men and women that served in America's military is the purpose of Motts Military Museum. It is strikingly unique because it includes all periods of America's history.

“To educate the public on the importance of America’s military past through the documentation, collection, interpretation and preservation of tangible artifacts and personal stories of the men and women who served and are serving in the United States Armed Forces”

This is the dream and vison of the Motts Military Museum. Its director and founder Warren Motts, served in the 37th Infantry Division of the Ohio National Guard between the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The museum came into existence in 1987 in the Motts home. It quickly grew and moved to their present 5100 square foot facility in Groveport Ohio in 1999.

Patriotism, pride and amazement wash over you, walking through the wars America has fought. From our Revolution to present day conflicts, you will witness just a glimpse of the struggles and sacrifice our armed forces have endured for their country.

The museum occasionally receives some federal surplus equipment, but most items come from donated private collections and generous gifts from the servicemen themselves. While I was in the museum a donation was received from an army chaplain who had served in Desert Storm.

Current special exhibits offer a look into the courage of men like Medal of Honor recipient Ronald Russer, General Paul Tibbets and Captain Eddie Rickenbacker. In the open air portion of the museum you will see tanks, attack helicopters, a World War II landing craft and an assortment of other military vehicles. Also a reproduction of Eddie Rickenbacker's Columbus Ohio home is available for inspection. A new addition to the museum is a 1925 Rickenbacker car currently being restored and not yet on display.

Warren Motts has had a special relationship with NASA as can be seen in the display of Ellison Onizuka who died in the January 28, 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. Also available is the Apollo 13 flight plan, with a personal note to Warren Motts.

Motts Military Museum also hosts the permanent Ohio Military Hall of Fame exhibit.

To absorb all the museum has to offer will take some time so keep this in mind when planning your visit. There are knowledgeable volunteers to help during your journey. A gift shop is next to the door and whether you purchase something or not, when leaving the museum you'll carry out something more than what you brought: the pride and patriotism of our military, which is exactly what Motts Military Museum provides its visitors.

Motts Military Museum
5075 South Hamilton Road
Groveport, Ohio 43125