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London Ohio Downtown


London is a community formed out of necessity. When Madison County was formed in 1810, there was no town or village deemed appropriate to establish as the county seat. Therefore, the Ohio General Assembly created a commission led by Patrick McLene, who was the surveyor that established the boundaries of Madison County. The commission was to choose a location where the county courthouse could be located. To that end, they decided that a 200 acre tract of land could be purchased from John Murfin. The new town was laid out and in 1811 the commissioners called it London. There was no reason given, at least in the official record, of why the commission chose that paticular name, but it has stuck.

David Groves a native of Loudoun County Va. came to Ohio in 1805

Jonathan Alder Cabin

Jonathan Alder Cabin now located at the Madison County Museum grounds.

Madison County Museum


Brillo Factory

If you've ever used a scrubbing pad with the name Brillo on the box, you've used a product from the Brillo Factory located in London. The small plant has been manufacturing these kitchen cleaning accessories since 1921. The Brillo pad is the third-most popular scouring pad in the country. In 2010 the company was purchased by Armaly Brands.