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Flint Ridge State Memorial

Flint Ridge State Memorial is named after a narrow range of hills that extend from a few miles east of Newark almost to Zanesville. For more than 10,000 years, prehistoric groups used this area and the outcropping of flint. Flint is found in many places throughout the world, but this area was of particular interest because of it's beautiful color and texture. The layer of fling along this particular ridge ran from a few inches in some places to over 2 feet thick in others.

Flint Ridge State Memorial Museum

Part of the park is an excellent museum and gift shop that gives visitors a thorough background on the importance that flint played in the lives of early Ohioans.

In 1934 Flint Ridge became a state memorial to protect the natural beauty of the area as well as preserve its prehistoric and historic past. From studying this area it has been determined that this area was used primarily as a quarry site, and not as a village. Ohio's prehistoric cultures would visit here for short periods of time, long enough to remove enough flint to meet their immediate needs and then move on or return to their permanent villages found throughout the state.

Flint Ridge Diorama

Some archaeologists believe that the Hopewell culture traded the brightly colored flint from this area for materials from other areas of North America.

On the grounds there are several trails of varying lengths along with a natural trail for the physically handicapped that provides a hard-surfaced trail with informational signs in both script and braille. Removal of any artifacts or flint is strictly prohibited.

Flint Ridge Knap-In

Flint Ridge KnapperFlint Ridge Knap-In

Each year over the Labor Day weekend, folks from all over the country gather for the Flint Ridge Knap-In which is one of the largest prehistoric-arts and stone crafting events in the world. Besides a field full of vendors selling flint and other stone materials, there are also bone and antler materials for sell, demonstrations of arrowhead and knife making, field competitions and exhibitions including atlatl throwing.


Knap-InFlint "knapping" is the process of making stone tools (i.e. arrowheads, projectile points, hand axes, etc.). The ancient art of flint knapping has been around for about 4 millions years.

Flint Ridge State Memorial is located just north of I-70 at the Brownsville exit. The museum is open May through October until 5 p.m. A small fee is charged for the museum for non-Ohio Historical Society Members.

Flint Ridge
7091 Brownsville Road, S.E. Glenford, OH 43739