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The Marion County Historical Society was founded in 1969 to maintain the existing interest in the history of Marion County, Ohio; create an interest where it does not now exist; and to do those things appropriate to such a society which from time to time may appear necessary and proper.

Heritage Hall, Marion Ohio

The Marion County Historical Society purchased Marion's Old Post Office in 1989 renaming it "Heritage Hall". Today, this National Register building is the Society's headquarters and Museum.

The Marion County Historical Society Museum exhibiting artifacts, documents and photographs from Marion County's rich history from prehistoric times to the industrial boom of the late 19th Century. It also houses the Harding Presidential Collections which chronicle the life and career of President Warren G. Harding and the Rinker Howser Resource Center, a research facility for Marion County, Ohio history.

Also housed is the Wyandot Popcorn Musem which features the world's largest collection of popcorn poppers and peanut roasters.

Wyandot Popcorn Museum

The Wyandot Popcorn Museum opened in early September of 1982, just prior to the 2nd annual Marion Popcorn Festival. Not only is it the only Popcorn Museum in the world, it also represents the largest collection of restored popcorn antiques. The Museum concept is an outgrowth of a historical research project by George K. Brown.

With the cooperation many companies in the popcorn industry, the museum has been able to greatly expand their exhibit through contributions. Today, Wyandot Popcorn Museum clearly has the largest collection of popcorn antiquities in the nation.

Heritage Hall
169 E. Church St.
Marion 43302