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Worthington Inn

Worthington Inn

Worthington InnThe Worthington Inn that we know today has a long history in Worthington and been known by a variety of names.

In 1816, a gentleman from Connecticut named Rensselear W. Cowles came to Worthington, Ohio to seek his fortune. In 1835, Mr. Cowles constructed the oldest portion of the Inn as a private residence for himself and his wife. He purchased some land for $250. That land and building is what has become The Worthington Inn.

When Rensselear Cowles died in 1842, Theodore Fuller purchased the Cowles' property and promptly enlarged the building. Mr. Fuller sold the business to William Bishop in 1854 for $5,000. He changed the property from a private residence to a traveler’s inn (called the Bishop House) on one of Columbus’ most traveled thoroughfares (Route 161-Dublin-Granville Road). At the time of Mr. Bishop’s proprietorship, a typical meal at the Inn cost just 10 cents – and an overnight’s stay cost an astounding 25 cents!

The Lewis family purchased the property in 1868 and continued to operate it as the Union Hotel. In 1889 George Van Loon purchased the property and renamed the establishment the Central House. In 1901, fire damaged the roof and second floor of the original two-story structure. George’s son, Nicholas Van Loon, decided to add a large third floor ballroom under a new mansard roof. This addition created the characteristic Victorian style seen today.

The Inn has recently been converted to condominiums, but the restaurant is still in operation. The restaurant focuses on bringing fresh seasonal ingredients from local growers & producers. In addition to excellent service in a relaxed & refined atmosphere, you are treated to carefully crafted menus that reflect both the charming character of the Mid-West & the sophistication of New World cuisine. The wine list is nationally recognized with an "Award of Excellence" from The Wine Spectator magazine, while offering a range of wines that compliment the Worthington Inn cuisine for all budgets. Whether you choose an elegant glass of wine from their Cruvinet (one of central Ohio's first & only), or a rare bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from California's Napa Valley, you will not be disappointed! Please visit the pub if you seek live entertainment, or if you are interested in a more relaxed atmosphere for dining or drinking.

The Worthington Inn provides a perfect showcase for any wedding reception, business meeting or party. The Worthington Inn offers five unique private dining rooms including a newly remodeled (as of May 1, 2006) ballroom featuring a crystal chandelier and private balcony.