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Clear Creek Metro Park

Clear Creek Metro Park

185 Clear Creek Road, Rockbridge, ohio 43149
(northern Hocking & Southern Fairfield counties)

Clear CreekClear Creek Metro includes over 5,000 forested acres and rugged hiking trails along stunning cliffs and gorges in the Clear Creek Valley. It is actually Ohio's largest dedicated nature preserve. The park includes 5 miles of Clear Creek which provides quality fishing opportunities for brown trout and smallmouth bass.

State Nature Preserve: Clear Creek is home to the state of Ohio's largest nature preserve, an area of 4,729 acres. The park is a popular destination for birding enthusiasts. The topography of the park is rugged with Blackhand sandstone cliffs, steep ravines and scenic outcrops of rock that overlook the creek.

Clear Creek: Anglers can picnic alongside the stream and fish for bass and brown trout as well as enjoy fishing from two docks at Lake Ramona. 

Mathias Cabin, Clear Creek Metro Park

Mathias Cabin: Metro Parks has restored the rustic 19th Century log cabin and uses it for natural and cultural history programs. The cabin is named for the family that lived there in the cabin from the 1920s.

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