Central Ohio Tourism
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Glacier Ridge

Metro Parks

The Metro Parks system of green spaces in Central Ohio provide more than 100 miles of trails, bike or jogging paths. There are 15 Metro Parks in the area and just about anywhere in Central Ohio you'll only be about 20 minutes at most away from a nearby Metro Park.

Metro Parks are not only a place to play for all ages, but also where you can learn. The Metro Parks offer a variety of free programs and special events, including moonlight owl walks, to tracking white-tailed deer, to seeing what life was like on an 1880s farm.

First established in 1945, Metro Parks operates 15 parks in 7 Central Ohio counties and protects more than 23,000 acres of land and water. These parks provide year-round recreational and educational opportunities for visitors.

Metro Parks is a separate political subdivision of the state of Ohio. The Metro Parks' Board of Park Commissioners is composed of 3 citizens serving 3 year terms without compensation. It is this board of commissioners that govern the entire Park District.

Most of the Metro Park Trails do not allow pets, even leashed. A few do offer special pet trails. If you plan on taking your pet, best to check specifically with the specific Metro Park regarding use of trails and pets.

Red-Tail Hawk

Bird Watching at the Metros

The Metro Parks offer ideal conditions to do some quality bird watching, especially during mid-spring and early fall when 1000s of migratory birds pass through Central Ohio. Many of the parks offer guided hikes through the park with experienced bird watchers that can help you identify the variety of birds in the area, not only by sight, but also by their sounds.

If you're new to bird watching, having a pair of binoculars is helpful, but not necessary. If you plan on buying a new pair of binoculars, look for a magnification of 7 x 35. Prices range from $25 to $500, with the lower to mid price range being ideal. A field guide that identifies birds will also make the experience more meaningful.

Bird watching is probably best done alone, but going along with a group is great way to get your feet wet is this fascinating hobby. Going with another person that has bird-watching experience is even better.

Metro Parks ideal for bird watching include Battelle Darby, Blacklick, Blendon Woods, Glacier Ridge and Slate Rune. All of these Metro Parks have a variety of habitats that are ideal for birds to take refuse and be seen. One of the real jewels of bird watching is seeing the bald eagles nesting in early spring at Highbanks Metro Park. Each year these majestic creatures take up residence along the Olentangy River and can be seen from the Observation Deck on the western side of the park.

15 Central Ohio Metro Parks

The following are all 15 Central Ohio Metro Parks that provide an overview of each park, its location and a downloadable trail map for each park.

Below is a map that shows all 15 of the Metro Parks located in central Ohio. To download a printable version of this map, CLICK HERE.

Metro Parks Map

Download Metro Parks Printable Map>>


Location: 1775 Darby Creek Drive, Galloway, Ohio 43119
(southwestern Franklin County)


More information about Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Park >>

Download Battelle-Darby Creek Metro Trail Map >>

6975 & 7309 E. Livingston Ave., Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
(eastern Franklin & northwestern Fairfield counties)


More information about Blacklick Woods Metro Park >>

Download Blacklick Woods Trail Metro Map >>

4625 E. Dublin-Granville Road, Westerville, Ohio 43081
(northeastern Franklin County)


More information about Blendon Woods Metro Park >>

Download Blendon Woods Trail Metro Map >>

8445 Winchester Road NW, Carroll, Ohio 43112
(northwestern Fairfield County)


More information about Chestnut Ridge Trail Metro Park >>

Download Chestnut Ridge Trail Metro Map >>

185 Clear Creek Road, Rockbridge, ohio 43149
(northern Hocking & Southern Fairfield counties)


More information about Clear Creek Metro Park >>

Download Clear Creek Trail Metro Map >>

9801 Holland Croy Road, plain City, Ohio 43064
(Union County)


More information about Glacier Ridge Metro Park >>

Download Glacier Ridge Metro Map >>

7262 Hayden Run Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026
(Franklin County)


More information about Heritage Trail Metro Park >>

Download Heritage Trail Metro Map >>

9466 U.S. 23 N., Lewis Center, Ohio 43035
(northern Franklin & southern Delaware counties)


More information about Highbanks Metro Park >>

Download Highbanks Trail Metro Map >>

940 S. Hempstead Road, Westerville, Ohio 43081
(northern Franklin County)


More Inniswood Metro Park >>

Download Inniswood Trail Metro Map >>

7680 Wright Road, Canal Winchester, ohio 43110
(southeastern Franklin & northwestern Fairfield counties)


More information about Pickerington Ponds Metro Park >>

Download Pickerington Ponds Trail Metro Map >>

3225 Plain City - Georgesville Road, Western Jefferson, Ohio 43162
(western Franklin & northeastern Madison counties)


More information about Prairie Oaks Metro Park >>

Download Prairie Oaks Trail Metro Map >>

395 W. Whittier Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215
(Franklin County)


More information about Scioto- Audubon Metro Park >>

Download Scioto-Audubon Trail Metro Map >>

6911 Cleveland Avenue, Westerville, Ohio 43081
(northern Franklin County)


More information about Sharon Woods Metro Park >>

Download Sharon Woods Trail Metro Map >>

1375 S.R. 674 North, Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110
(northeastern Pickaway County)


More information about Slate Run Metro Park >>

Download Slate Run Trail Metro Map >>

3860 Bixby Road, Groveport, Ohio 43125
(Franklin County)


More information about Three Creeks Metro Park >>

Download Three Creeks Trail Metro Map >>