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Columbus College of Art & Design

Columbus College of Art & Design

The Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) is one of the largest and oldest private art colleges in the United States. In 1879, the Columbus Art School, the predecessor of the Columbus College of Art & Design, opened in Columbus, Ohio. Today, CCAD is recognized as a leader in visual arts education and as a resource for artists and the community, CCAD advances a distinct learning culture by blending a tradition of professionalism and a commitment to quality with a solid education in the fundamentals of art and the humanities.

Columbus College of Art and Design

CCAD graduates hold key positions as artists and designers in major companies and institutions throughout the country and abroad. Their success speaks well for our top-flight foundation program, believed by many to be the finest in the country, and our constant focus on professionalism. Regardless of your major—whether you intend to make your mark on canvas or in clay, on film, or with digital images—we place strong emphasis on the fundamental principles of art and design, and on the mastery of techniques and materials. At the same time, we stress the methods used in today's professional work environments.

Columbus College of Art & Design is a private, 4 year, degree-granting institution of higher education that helps prepare creative leaders for professional careers. With a history of commitment to fundamentals and quality, CCAD advances a distinct, challenging, and inclusive learning culture that supports individual development in art, design, and the humanities.

Columbus College of Art and Design Campus

If you're interested in a working design occupation, a degree from CCAD is highly valued throughout the country. The college encompasses 3 city blocks. Students have easy access to the Columbus Museum of Art. Approximately 1,300 full-time students enroll in the Columbus College of Art & Design every academic year. The college also offers evening and weekend classes. These classes usually attract local residents, especially children, who are interested in art. Students usually specialize in one of seven areas, including Advertising and Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Illustration, Fine Arts, and Media Studies. The Columbus College of Art &Design is especially well known for its animation program, with many of the school's graduates becoming illustrators for the Walt Disney Company.

Columbus College of Art And Design
107 N 9 St
Columbus, Ohio 43215