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FRANKLINTON is the oldest Columbus neighborhood that can date its existence back to when a young surveyor, Lucas Sullivan, first left his footprints along the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers.

Today, Franklinton is going through a modest revival with a large influx of artisans and craftsmen taking up residence and establishing their studios among the aging neighborhood. Another good sign are the numerous businesses making a come back.

Franklinton pre-dates Columbus by 15 years, but it was the efforts of several of Franklinton's early businessmen, that bribed, cajoled and coerced the politicians in Chillicothe to move their political headquarters across the Scioto to a town yet to be established, but would be called Columbus because of one of those businessmen's admiration of Christopher Columbus.

Today, the neighborhood of Franklin stretches from the banks of the Scioto on the east and north, Interstate 70 on the west and south.

A new project that will greatly enhance the eastern most edge of Franklinton with the re-development of the Scioto River will greatly enhance the desirability of the neighborhood. The Scioto Mile is part of that redevelopment and included the opening of the new Main Street Bridge.

Along the north rim of Franklinton, will be the redevelopment Scioto peninsula. This section already includes the highly prized COSI, but is now going to include removal of historic Veterans Memorial to make room for a new Veterans Museum, Columbus Zoo feature, additional space for condos and of course new park space.

During the summer months, Franklinton is home to the Urban Scrawl and several other community events falling under the "Go West" banner of community involvement in Franklinton.

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