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Frank Fetch Park

Frank Fetch Park

Tucked into a small plot of land in the heart of German Village is Frank Fetch Park. This park located at 288 E. Beck Street was made possible through the efforts of Frank Fetch and other members of the German Village Society. It is only 0.2 acres in size, but it is packed with beautiful landscape specimens, fountain, and plenty of seating, including an attractive pergola.

This park was developed by landscape architects to resemble a 19th Century German “Bier Garten” that features brick walls, bricked patio, flower planters, extensive landscaping and decorative gas lights. Surrounded by homes, this intimate park shows what can be done in such a small space.

The park is maintained primarily through daily care by volunteers that keep the flower beds in top shape as well as keeping a water bowl filled for visiting pets out for a stroll. Thanks to the German Village Garten Club and specifically the Friends of Frank Fetch Park, this Park has become a dream come true that continues to inspire others to create a green space of their.

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Frank Fetch Park

Frank Fetch Park: an urban oasis

Frank Fetch Park is a quality example of an urban landscape in a small space. Creative use of walks and screening make the park seem larger than it is.

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