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Gateway Project

South Campus Gateway

South Campus Gateway is a revitalization of the North High Street area between Chittenden and Ninth Avenues, just south of the Ohio State University Campus. Planning for the redevelopment of this blighted area began in 1997 with an urban re-design concept and the purchase of property along this important Columbus corridor.

Prior to the redevelopment for those old enough to remember the old days of south campus High Street area, it was a strange development of bars, nightclubs and more bars. With the riots from the 60s and 70s, many businesses just boarded up their windows permanently and the area was, well, ignored by the university. The university concentrated their efforts at developing the west side of the campus with park, athletic fields and fountains. But the South High Street area continued to struggle and began a downward spiral that sometimes resembled a no-man's land.

South Gateway Project

Then in the 90s, like many universities across the country, a decision was made that improvement to the area would not only be good for the university, but for the city. What makes South Campus Gateway different from other universities efforts, is that Campus Partners wanted to revitalize the neighborhood rather than just expand Ohio State.

In the summer of 2007, those goals have been mostly accomplished. Retail businesses are opening up, there is a vibrant night life in the area with lots of energy. Gone is the feeling that the area is just for binge drinking fest's after mid-terms. Old alumni like myself, may mourn the loss of the old South Campus bar scene, but the new scene is much fresher, a more vibrant area, better than anything we ever could have imagined.

Gateway Project

Students had a say in the types of establishments they wanted to see in the Gateway area. In the early stages of the development, students could express their opinions on the types of businesses they most wanted. Today, the South Campus Gateway is a blend of retail, entertainment, offices and rental housing that serves the nation's largest university. The Gateway is a distinct collection of unique local businesses working next to established national brand stores in a friendly environment. It is a mix of restaurants and night clubs, banks and sports bars, delis, shoe stores.

The area has taken on a new character uniquely its own. South Campus Gateway was primarily designed for students, but also an interesting destination for visitors in the campus area looking for unique night-life excursions or to just do a little shopping.


Campus Partners

Campus Partners is a civic association for the neighborhoods surrounding The Ohio State University's Columbus campus. Incorporated as a non-profit organization, Campus Partners works with the city, community agencies, neighborhood leaders, and the university itself.

In early 1999, Campus Partners sponsored a competition among 3 master development teams for the right to build South Campus Gateway. In 1999, Campus Partners announced that The Druker Company, Ltd., of Boston, had been selected as the preferred master developer for the Gateway project. Druker's proposal had received the widest support among stakeholders in the University District. Demolition of the existing buildings to make way for Gateway began in 2002 and the project was completed in 2005.

Gateway is the signature project in partnership with The Ohio State University and the City of Columbus to improve the quality of life in the urban neighborhoods of the University District.

Eddie George Restaurant

New Ohio Union Building

The crowning jewel of the North High Street project is the new Ohio Union building. The new student union building opened in April 2010 and features over 300,000 sq. ft. of space for Ohio State University students to meet up or get organized.

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