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State House Photographs

The following are some of our favorite photographs of the Ohio Capitol building located in Columbus Ohio.

You can mouse-over the following images for a slightly larger thumbnail version, and click on the image for a full sized image. Strike the letter "P" for an automated show.

  • About the Ohio State House
    Brief history of the Ohio State House Capitol Building.
  • West Porch Statehouse
    From the photographer: This photo was taken as a storm passed across southeast Franklin County. While it was pouring down rain in Reynoldsburg, the sun was shining in downtown Columbus.
  • President William McKinley Statue
    From the photographer: The statue of President McKinley appears to be staring at the reflection of the capitol building, but the placement of that statue was in tribute to his devoted wife Ida, who lived in the Neil House Hotel that once stood where the Huntington Building is now located. While McKinley was governor of Ohio, his ailing wife would sit next to the window and McKinley would always turn and wave to her as he walked up the steps to the capitol.
  • Statehouse Exterior
    From the photographer: I always like contrasts when taking photographs. On this day what looked like an approaching storm provided billowing clouds and a stark contrast to the capitol's limestone cupola. Occasionally, the statehouse offers behind the scenes tours of the Capitol that includes climbing to the cupola. I highly recommend that experience. Until the Leveque Tower was built in 1927, the Capitol Building was the tallest building in Central Ohio and a favorite spot for Honeymooners to visit to make the climb to the cupola and spend a few romantic moments looking out over the city.
  • Fall Capitol
    From the photographer: During a break in a heavy down pour late in the afternoon, I was able to take this photograph that shows the fog, drizzle and muted colors of the turning leaves. Some of the seasonal Christmas lights had already been strung.
  • Senate Chambers
    From the photographer: the grandeur and history of this room speaks volumes. Photographing it completely empty helps emphasize the important nature of the Senate Chambers.
  • GrandStairs 3577
    From the photographer: an extremely wide-angle lens allowed me to capture the symmetry of design in the Grand Stair Hallway. Compared to the capitol building, the Senate Building or Annex as it used to be called, is extremely ornate.
  • SenateStairs 3594
    From the photographer: As I passed through the Grand Stairs Hallway, the light coming through the west windows provided a soft illumination of the southern stair case and the lamp on top of the newell post.

Construction of the Ohio Statehouse Capitol began on July 4, 1839— 36 years after Ohio became a state. It is a classic example of Greek Revival architecture. It would take over 22 years to complete, there would be 9 architects overseeing the project.

Ohio Statehouse

Visiting the Ohio Statehouse

The Ohio Statehouse is open :
Monday through Friday
7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday & Sundays
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Holidays, CLOSED


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